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Top 5 Upgrades You Can do to Your Ride

by autoshop
Top 5 Upgrades You Can do to Your Ride

So you want to pimp your ride but you are sure where to begin or where is the best place to spend some money on your car.  Some upgrades are hella expensive while others you can easily do yourself to make your ride look good.  Here are some modifications that won’t break the bank that you can do to your car to make it look and perform better.

Upgrade the Wheels

Change out the rims on your car for alloy wheels or sport rims.  Your car is going to look fantastic with a new set of sport alloy wheels that are shiny and bigger than what came straight off the assembly line.  New rims or wheels can get pricey so shop around online and locally for a good deal.  Performance tires are also going to look good, here are some ideas for new wheels.

A New Sound System

The factory sound system that comes with your car has gotten better over the years but they are still mediocre at best.  There is no way it is going to come with bass powerful enough to shake the filling from your teeth.  For that you are going to have to put together your own sound system with a custom install.  You want a really good head unit and a kicking set of speakers.  The price can get out of control pretty quickly but you should be able to get something for under $2,000.

New Lights

The first thing anyone will notice about your car at night is the lights.  Not only can they make the road easier to see, but your car can look cool at the same time.  You don’t have to spend a fortune but grab some white LEDs and you’re ready to go.

Car Body Kit

This is one of the first things you are going to want to grab when you customize your car.  The right body kit doesn’t only look good but it can stabilize the car when you’re on the highway.  Don’t forget the speed limit, tickets are expensive.

Change the Muffler

There is nothing like hearing the growl of your engine, all good sports cars have big loud mufflers.  However if you can’t afford to redo your whole exhaust system you can just change the muffler tips.  If it is performance that you are after then go big and upgrade from the manifold to the muffler.

There you have it, everything you need to pimp your ride.